Suburbia: The Musical!

by The Hermits of Suburbia

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The Hermits of Suburbia's first full length album.


released February 25, 2012

Butch Brosman- Ukulele/Vocals
Ian Edwards- Bass
Joseph Gawel- Keys/Trumpet/Vocals
Brett James- Drums
Spencer Morrison- Hand Percussion
Reid Stegall- Tenor Sax
David Sherman- Baritone/Alto Sax
Ty Watkins- Guitar/Vocals

Produced by The Hermits of Suburbia
Engineered by Ty Watkins



all rights reserved


The Hermits of Suburbia Atlanta, Georgia

Spawned out of a two man acoustic project, The Hermits of Suburbia have since become a small mob of rowdy reprobates assaulting the good senses of the world with their unique and deranged take on folk, ska, and punk music.

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Track Name: Lesbian Bathtub
Lesbian Bathtub, is like a masturbatory aide
You get touched, but you don't get laid
Lesbian Bathtub, stay close to me
I'm so turned off, that I just might pee
Track Name: Seriously? Another Drinking Song?
Hand me that bottle of whiskey
Tonight I feel like drinking
Hand me that cheap ass whiskey
Better than nothing, but it don't beat bourbon

Hand me that bottle of whisky
You warm me to the bone
Hand me that cheap ass whiskey
keep on drinking till I can't feel feelings
Track Name: Outsourced
Well I've been outsourced, no rhyme or report
Not even Colbert could bear the news
I've been outsouced, lost my dime on this horse
The milkshake was good, but it was misunderstood

A as in Adam, P as in cheater
She went for a guy ten times cheaper
A as in Adam, C as in Pilfer
Why just can't I leave her?
Track Name: Magic Mormon Underpants
Track Name: The Bitter, the Jaded, and the Useless
Look at that crusty on the bus
With the jacket and the studs
A tired look upon his face
Like hes seen some better days
Like hes given it all up
Says that shit just ain't to same
Says other people are to blame
But he doesn't try to change
Just sits and wallows in his rage

What a bitter piece of shit
what a bitter piece of shit
He's given up on all of it, threw the towel in and quit
What a bitter piece of shit

I never see him at the shows
Cause he thinks all the bands blow
He finds more interest in his PBR
Another drink at the fucking bar

And I know that I'm no better
Than that jaded useless fool
But at least I haven't given up
No I'm here to fucking stay
But it's getting so much harder now
To keep a positive mind
And I know in ten years time
Some kid will look at me and he'll say

What a bitter piece of shit
what a bitter piece of shit
He's given up on all of it, threw the towel in and quit
What a bitter piece of shit
Track Name: We're All Drunk (To See You)
We're all drunk, we're all drunk, we're all drunk
To see you, to see you, to see you, tonight

But I, I've got my friends
That'll help me 'till it ends
The Hermits of Suburbia, Unite, Tonight!